Mr./Ms. Conscious Posters

I love social media. I love the fact that I can meet folks from around the world in a blink of an eye. I can catch up with long lost childhood friends. I can keep up with the happenings of nieces and nephews. I can stay connected with life.

What I don’t like is the onslaught of personal opinions, uninformed diatribes, anti-everything rants, overrated bouts of self importance and most importantly: cyber bullying.

You know what really gets my goat? When a person posts a pic or a thought and folks are commenting and having a good time on the thread and then there is that one person who believes that he/she is the conscience of the people who just has to go against the grain and type what they believe is a thought provoking question or statement. Hence, steering the conversation away from the intended, original post to what Mr./Ms. Conscience wants to talk about. How manipulative, controlling and self serving is THAT? And when the person is called on the carpet for trying to steer the conversation in another direction, that person counters with stating that the other posters are uninformed or unenlightened. Why? Because they do not want to change the tide of the conversation? Because they don’t want to follow the lead of Mr./Ms. Conscience?

Has it ever been considered that with all of the shit that is going on in the world today, many folks get on social media as a way to unwind and relax? They don’t want to debate politics or race relations. They don’t want to get into online battles of words. They don’t want to be judged and criticized by social media “experts” and “pundits”. They simply want the luxury of surfing their fav social sites and being able to comment on the threads that they like without someone judging or badgering and trying to force negative engagement.

So what that some folks feel that social media is the platform for awareness and debate. That’s cool…just do it on YOUR OWN PAGE. Why jump from your page to someone else’s page trying to incite a riot and then get offended when no one jumps on the “superior” band wagon? Why does it matter what folks choose to or not to comment on? I would think that if most people put as much effort into joining philanthropic organizations and actually working for change as they did preaching and proselytizing to the masses on social media, there would be a lot less negative images and stories on the news. And the arrogance of some of these “conscious” people is astounding. They not only want to manage their own social media pages, they want to dictate what others do on their pages…they want to manage who posts/comments on what. To those people I say GET OVER YOURSELF!

At the end of the day, each person has the freedom to choose how he or she uses social media…and that freedom should be respected. If a person wants to comment on Sponge Bob threads all day long while the KKK stands on the steps of a South Carolina courthouse, then so be it. If a person wants to post anti-police propaganda, then so be it. If a person has decided to comment on threads about baby pandas instead of commenting on orange on pink on green on purple crime, then so be it. LEAVE FOLKS ALONE! Allow folks the same room to live and breathe that you would want for yourself. And if you want to be the conscious type and promote all things political, racial, educational or whatever, do it on your own page and leave others’ alone.

In the meantime, I will be over on my own page posting unicorns farting glitter rainbows cuz that’s what makes me happy.


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