To My Mothers in the Struggle…I Understand!

There are some days when I log into Facebook and I immediately want to gag. If I see one more post from an overachieving mom that talks about how she just shaved the sheep to knit wool sweaters for her children, or she milks her cows daily so that her children can have fresh, organic milk or that she just baked 99 damned cupcakes from scratch as if she is Betty Freakin Crocker…I am gonna SCREAM!!!! But if I am honest with myself, I read these posts and then I turn the mirror on myself and self-doubt creeps in. Am I doing enough for MY children? Am I a good mom? Am I nurturing my boys enough? Should I be home schooling? Should I have never ending play dates? Are they in enough activities? And on and on and on. And then I sigh because on top of trying to juggle all that my family has going on, NOW I have to find a place that sells chickens so that my sons can have fresh eggs, see if Costco or Sams sells cows wholesale so that my boys can have fresh milk, take up knitting classes (knit 1, pearl 2), start a farm in my back yard… Its tiring to think about!!! But then I had a revelation. My son needed to drop weight for his football team and guess who he came to? ME!!! Why? Because he knew that his mom could help him meet his goals. My youngest son was practicing his back flip and needed a spotter. Guess who he came to? ME!!!! Why? Because he knew that no matter how many times he kicked me in the head while trying to perfect that flip, I was gonna be right there spotting and cheering him on (lumps, black eyes and all). I recognized that I will NEVER be the mom who makes Martha Stewart style Halloween costumes from recycled milk cartons and cardboard boxes, my home will NEVER be featured in America’s Cleanest Home or in HGTV’s Dream Homes, I will NEVER be a farmer or a gardener…and that’s okay. Because to my children, I am the perfect mom for them. Moms…lets be real…we have a tendency to measure ourselves against one another and we have a tendency to be overly hard on ourselves in an effort to be the “perfect” mom. When in reality, the measurement is not us against other moms…the measurement is how content/how happy are our children? How happy are our homes? We may not be society’s definition of perfect moms, but to our children, we are unique, one of a kind and perfect in their eyes!!!! Moms, I challenge you today to pat yourselves on the back for being one helluva mom to your children…YOU DESERVE IT!!!! Much Love and Happy Journeys


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